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We regretfully announce that PFAMILY ARTS will no longer be operating from LakeSide Market as of August 31st as we have lost our space to another. In a rather abrupt and unexpected development our landlord (bank owned) made it clear that they only wished for PA to stay at LakeSide if we agreed to a higher lease agreement that was very unfavorable to us; and if not, there was another party who was waiting to take over a large part of our space, which would also allow the landlord to divide up the remaining space and charge higher rates for those as well. We were unable to agree to their proposed terms which leaves us ending our stay at LakeSide Market in Plano at the end of this month.

When PFAMILY ARTS first decided upon LakeSide Market to call our home we had wonderful owners/landlords who wanted us in their center and knew of the value of the arts, and we were secure in our future at LakeSide for years to come. Unfortunately with the downturn of the economy, the bank who held their note decided to seize the property a few years back leaving us with landlords who weren't a part of Plano or had any personal knowledge of PFAMILY ARTS making our long term prospects at LakeSide not as certain.

With this development, PFAMILY ARTS will not be offering Academy classes beginning this fall and our Theatre season is on hold as well until if and when we find a suitable new home for us to continue our offerings. So this is an "intermission" of sorts and not a curtain call for PFAMILY ARTS. I will continue to work with our Board of Directors and our real estate experts to consider suitable relocation options and will provide an update when we find a new home facility or any news of reorganization as to how we will continue to offer arts education and deliver entertainment to our students, families and neighbors.

We will however continue to offer Private lessons (Voice, Acting) in an alternate setting for those interested in continuing and/or beginning private studies and college audition preparations.

With this we bid a bittersweet farewell to LakeSide and all the wonderful times we had with our students, artists, Broadway guests and audiences, and we look forward to the next chapter and new opportunities to welcome you all back to the pfamily and PFAMILY ARTS.

William R. Park, Founder

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